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Representation in Rent Regulation matters

We have extensive knowledge and experience in rent regulation, which enables us to identify and address issues which affect management and profitability of buildings. We regularly appear before administrative agencies which regulate real estate and challenge determinations of those agencies in article 78 proceedings and appeals. We handle matters before the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) which include rent overcharge, rent stabilization coverage, registration and compliance issues, and substantial rehabilitation, among others. We represent clients in audits by the Tenant Protection Unit (TPU). Graubard Miller also defends clients against discrimination claims before the NY State Division of Human Rights and the NYC Commission on Human Rights.

The firm handles matters which include:

  • Apartment registration issues
  • Demolition
  • Due diligence for lenders and purchasers of property to assess potential problems and opportunities
  • Harassment claims and Certificates of No-Harassment.
  • Hardship applications
  • Luxury deregulation
  • Rent stabilization and rent control
  • J-51 and 421-a tax abatements
  • Rent overcharge

Our firm has been operating in New York City since 1948, and has continuously kept up with changes in laws, ordinances and local practices. Laws governing housing in New York continue to evolve. We have the knowledge and experience to advocate for rights of property owners and tenants and to protect owners from potential future changes in the law.