We handle complex matters whether it’s around the corner or around the globe.

Real Estate services and representation

Graubard Miller represents a broad range of clients in connection with varied and complex real estate matters. Our clients include owners, developers and managing agents of commercial and residential properties as well as lending institutions, sponsors and boards of cooperative housing corporations and condominium associations. Our attorneys provide insight and creativity to structure transactions that meet our clients’ goals and improve their bottom lines. We provide knowledgeable counsel from due diligence through acquisition of property, management and development.

We represent clients in matters related to:

Transactional Practice Areas:

  • Acquisitions and conveyances
  • Architect and Construction contracts
  • Due diligence
  • Financing – construction, mezzanine and permanent
  • Partnership agreements tenancy-in-common (TIC) agreements, LLCs and other joint ventures
  • 1031 exchanges

Real estate transactional work: A real estate deal is high stakes for all involved. You cannot afford to have something go wrong, and you especially cannot risk the deal falling through. Our attorneys provide a variety of services and advice to ensure a smooth real estate transaction.

Commercial leasing: We negotiate and prepare leases on behalf of owners, tenants, and subtenants of professional and retail space, including offices, industrial facilities, restaurants, showrooms and studios. Our attorneys draw upon their knowledge and experience in landlord-tenant law, real estate transactions and tax law to craft leases that meet our clients’ specific needs.

Cooperatives and condominiums: Our lawyers represent sponsors and boards of cooperative corporations and condominium associations as general counsel in corporate matters, operations and litigation. We also represent cooperative tenants/shareholders and condominium unit owners in disputes with sponsors, boards and other shareholders or owners. We also handle sales, purchases, leasing and financing as well as re-financing of underlying mortgages and related matters.

Landlord/Tenant matters: Graubard Miller advocates for our clients in landlord/tenant matters in Civil Court, Supreme Court and appellate courts. We handle commercial and residential holdover proceedings as well as commercial nonpayment proceedings, and contract and lease disputes. We provide defense against claims of rent overcharge and harassment in proceedings which include class actions. We also challenge determinations by governmental agencies, such as DHCR, in article 78 proceedings. Our litigation experience and in-depth knowledge of landlord/tenant law and rent regulation enables us to counsel our clients and provide a focused approach to achieve our clients’ objectives, whether through negotiation or litigation.

Rent Regulation and Administrative Law: We have extensive knowledge and experience in rent regulation, which enables us to identify and address issues which affect management and profitability of buildings. We regularly appear before administrative agencies which regulate real estate and challenge determinations of those agencies in article 78 proceedings and appeals. We handle matters before the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) which include rent overcharge, rent stabilization coverage, registration and compliance issues, and substantial rehabilitation, among others. We represent clients in audits by the Tenant Protection Unit (TPU). Graubard Miller also defends clients against discrimination claims before the NY State Division of Human Rights and the NYC Commission on Human Rights.